The Mission

Good Morning,

Currently the goal is to connect people from all different backgrounds with a similar interest in growing things. Plants, animals, and self are all are things that grow. Growing takes a certain tenderness, an understanding of how to advance the process and make it beneficial for everyone/everything involved.

As for now we are growing indoor microgreens, the random house plants, basil(in the garden), and a very very large bush of Nasturtiums. The world is our oyster with this adventure and we are treating is as such. We have plans to incorporate herbs, trees, and flower starters. This website will also be an informational tool where gardeners from all different backgrounds can come together with the common goal of achieving the fruits of your labor (in this case it may actually be fruit).

If you have any questions feel free to reach out and we will answer your questions to be the best of our ability.




Published by Myers Greens LLC

Nursery / Growing Operation located in Southwest Iowa.

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