Using microgreens

Basic Salad Mix from True Leaf Market
My top 10 uses for microgreens

Below I have listed some of my top recommendations for your tasty microgreens.

Purple Radish from True Leaf Market
Photo by Arvin Nav from Pexels
Top an omelet with a fresh garden kick by adding purple radish microgreens.

Add the Salad mix to your smoothie and blend it up for a large punch of nutrients

Sprinkle some on top of avocado toast
Sunflower Guacamole

Courtesy of Alive

By adding some to a spring salad you can improve on an already amazing dish

Courtesy of Kitchen Vignettes

Enjoy as a salad by itself by adding some cheese and ranch dressing.
Pizza With Pesto, Mozzarella, And Arugula Microgreens
 Grilled Cheese With Ham And Brie Sandwich With Microgreens, Apple and Dijon
Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels
Add them to any cheeseburger to sneak in an extra fresh crunch.
Wild Rice And Microgreen Salad

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Nursery / Growing Operation located in Southwest Iowa.

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