Tools and Tips for Growing Plants Indoors During Winter

Being prepared for growing indoors is no small feat. There are a lot of factors that can come into play. Lighting, soil, and the container are what I consider the main things that can dampen your spirits before you even get started. I have covered below some of the things that should be considered when/before purchasing any equipment.


During the winter solstice the sun is only up for around 8 hours. Your plants will not be very happy if that is the only photons they are able to absorb. It is recommended that you get a lower power grow light if you have them placed near a window such as Microwatt 14W Grow Light. If you do not have any window space available and will be providing all artificial sunlight you will need a more powerful light, such as 50 Watt Grow Light Panel.

Different styles and what to avoid

Each light will fit a different situation better than the next. You will want to avoid your cheapest option on Amazon, but the price isn’t the only indicator you should look for. The Spruce covered The 8 Best Grow Light of 2021 in an extensive article with user reviews.

There are many types of grow lights available, so how do you determine which one is right for you? Telescoping lights, for instance where you may have multiple plants in a group and need the light to be able to move around. Area lights which usually suspend from the ceiling offering a larger floor coverage. Contained systems which are prebuilt into shelving units, as well as screw in bulbs for any room in your house.

1 Tray Wheatgrass Growing Stand-Two 24\” W…

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Where to source your container? The terms reduce, reuse, and recycle come to mind first. That old coffee container, or can, or ice cream tub could all be full of dirt and teeming with life. One important thing to note about making your own pots would be that you will need to add drainage holes first.

Tip on drilling holes into plastic

Place a piece of wood beneath the hole location, this will prevent you from cracking your container and having to recycle it to a melt pile.

Another option is to purchase grow bags, pots, or any other type of container a marketer can imagine up. I recommend grow bags they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Gro Pro Round Fabric Pots are cheap and durable, they are available in 15 and 7 gallon sizes. An added bonus to grow bags is how easy they are to move and reposition.

Gro Pro Round Fabric Pot – 7 Gal

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The quality of the potting soil you use will greatly affect the outcome of your crop and your overall happiness with your own green thumb. There is one potting soil that stands out above the rest, FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil.

Nutrient rich, Happy Frog® Potting Soil is highly recommended for container gardens. Ready to use right out of the bag and is pH adjusted to allow for maximum nutrient uptake. Our unique mix is alive with beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi that dramatically expand root development enabling plants to feed more aggressively. The benefits of this premium select potting soil are strong plant structure, vigorous vegetative growth, with enhanced fruit and flower production.

Mixing your own

If you are interested in saving some money and learning about what goes into creating a perfect concoction for your plants I have covered all things soil in this article on raised bed soil, the same methods and practices can be put into use in an indoor container.

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Keep mother nature alive and prospering, your own livelihood depends on it.

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