Myers Greens Update April 2022

What a crazy start to the year and I am happy it is finally warming up outside! Tons of things are happening on the Myers Greens front that I will get into further down below. I just want to say that even with all the crazy bad happening around there is still tons of good people sprinkled everywhere. Enough of that stuff though onto the greens…..

5″ x 5″ Trays of Microgreens!

This smaller tray size will make purchasing a tray a lot less intimidating, I thought about it and who would want to eat a whole 10″ x 20″ tray at the start. So with that I now have 5×5 trays available. The price is going to be $5 with an initial $1 deposit for trays. I’m hoping to attract a crowd that is more timid to try them out. Once people try them they are going to love them, I know it!

Basil Microgreens

I finally have my ratio for seeds figured out on the smaller trays and am ramping up the scale in the next grow by adding 6 more trays. So fingers crossed that all goes well. The first set grew good at first but you could tell that overcrowding led to the demise of the whole set. The fix for this is going to be to lessen the seeds by another 0.1 oz. making it to a total of 0.6 oz.

House Plants that I need to identify

I was gifted a truck load of plants, a literal truck load which I am super grateful for. I am considering it the payment for helping them move furniture. Anyways I need to get them all identified and labeled. Once I figure out what they all are I can get them on the right watering schedule. Pictures will be coming later on once I identify them.

Farmer’s Market

I am obtaining my licenses to operate at the Farmer’s Markets around Southwest Iowa and look forward to seeing everyone there. I will announce on Facebook where we will be at and what will be available at the market. As always if you would like to try some microgreens reach out on Facebook or

Garden Plants

As of right now we only have our side garden to use but I am hopeful that another will present itself. I have a couple of leads to try yet and have the plants to put in it. I have Basil, Tomatoes, Catnip, and Lettuce(2nd round) ready to go in the ground. Excited to see what we will be able to trade for this year. I would like to kind of cultivate that around the community more, the idea of trading the garden goods for other garden goods. Would almost make the produce section obsolete at the grocery store. Huh strange thought.

What I’m looking forward to this year

What I’m looking forward to this year

Getting our name out there and presenting one of the best in both nutrition and deliciousness greens you can get. Once people try them it will become a part of there meal enjoyed completely fresh.

Keep mother nature alive and prospering, your own livelihood depends on it.

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