Nature Walk // Schueman Park

With a full crew we loaded up and went to Schueman Park today. This park is a unique one for us in the fact that there isn’t a playground. Something about removing that from the picture helps keep the kids involved in the walk. We all ooo’ed and aww’ed over the long tendrils reaching outContinue reading “Nature Walk // Schueman Park”

Myers Greens Update April 2022

What a crazy start to the year and I am happy it is finally warming up outside! Tons of things are happening on the Myers Greens front that I will get into further down below. I just want to say that even with all the crazy bad happening around there is still tons of goodContinue reading “Myers Greens Update April 2022”

What Does Adding Biochar (Charcoal) do to your garden?

The question appeared in my mind “What does charcoal actually do in gardening?”. So, I started digging and I am now going to be adding biochar to most of my garden beds in the future. The benefits are great and anyone with a few trees can create there own. The Benefits To Be Had AddingContinue reading “What Does Adding Biochar (Charcoal) do to your garden?”

The Bald Eagle & It’s Journey to Today

From the endangered species list in 1978 to being completely removed from the Endangered and Threatened species list in 2007. This resilient bird has been put through the ringer and deserves appreciation. When threatened with extinction from over hunting and the use of DDT the population was dwindled down to fewer than 450 mated pairsContinue reading “The Bald Eagle & It’s Journey to Today”

Vegetables And Herbs You Can Grow In Containers This Winter

Obtaining fresh vegetables and herbs during the winter time can be difficult in some regions without breaking the bank. Why not grow your own indoors? If you have a spare window or a room that gets a few hours of sunlight a day it is possible with the right vegetable/herb variety. Vegetables and Herbs toContinue reading “Vegetables And Herbs You Can Grow In Containers This Winter”

Tools and Tips for Growing Plants Indoors During Winter

Being prepared for growing indoors is no small feat. There are a lot of factors that can come into play. Lighting, soil, and the container are what I consider the main things that can dampen your spirits before you even get started. I have covered below some of the things that should be considered when/beforeContinue reading “Tools and Tips for Growing Plants Indoors During Winter”

How to Prune/Trim Basil for a Better Harvest (and how to store the all the extra)

Basil is a plant that benefits greatly from regular pruning and trimming. I have laid out some of the best ways to prune your basil and keep it growing further into the season. When trimmed properly you can obtain a large batch of basil with every harvest. No matter what type of Basil you areContinue reading “How to Prune/Trim Basil for a Better Harvest (and how to store the all the extra)”