The Garden

The Garden

Welcome to The Garden, a blog dedicated to the propagation of knowledge surrounding agriculture and gardening. With additional plant and animal topics thrown in from time to time. The articles aim to be helpful and thought provoking at the same time. I am always interested in learning more, if you have a topic suggestion reach out and i’ll give it a shot.

Nature Walk // Schueman Park

With a full crew we loaded up and went to Schueman Park today. This park is a unique one for us in the fact that there isn’t a playground. Something about removing that from the picture helps keep the kids involved in the walk. We all ooo’ed and aww’ed over the long tendrils reaching out…

Myers Greens Update April 2022

What a crazy start to the year and I am happy it is finally warming up outside! Tons of things are happening on the Myers Greens front that I will get into further down below. I just want to say that even with all the crazy bad happening around there is still tons of good…

What Does Adding Biochar (Charcoal) do to your garden?

The question appeared in my mind “What does charcoal actually do in gardening?”. So, I started digging and I am now going to be adding biochar to most of my garden beds in the future. The benefits are great and anyone with a few trees can create there own. The Benefits To Be Had Adding…

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