Starting your own microgreens and tips on growing

Learning to grow your own food is fun, affordable, and rewarding. Microgreens are one of the best ways to be introduced to gardening as it is small scale and the harvest is relatively quick. As most gardeners know, getting that first harvest is very inspiring for the seasons to come and can blossom into aContinue reading “Starting your own microgreens and tips on growing”

The “Three Sisters” and how you can use them today

The “Three Sisters” or milpa are an agricultural system with origins dating back to Mesoamerica. Native Americans developed this method using mostly corn, beans, and squash. Through a very symbiotic relationship(companion planting) all three of these crops flourish creating a natural biodiversity that can improve soil quality. Using the more advanced farming techniques a surplusContinue reading “The “Three Sisters” and how you can use them today”

Hummingbirds, a lovely fast flying creature with some quirks

A magnificent flyer and beautiful creature, the hummingbird got its name from the humming noise that can be heard as it is flapping its wings. With wings that can beat from 8 to 80 beats per second, while maintaining flight and head control, truly a wonder. The awe from watching a hummingbird fly is likeContinue reading “Hummingbirds, a lovely fast flying creature with some quirks”

Yarrow, a soothing herb with healing properties

Yarrow is drought and pest resistant, as well as a great butterfly attraction, and is excellent for cutting and drying, a one-stop (easy to grow plant) shop. Some herbal healing properties present in Yarrow include anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and has been used to catalyze blood coagulation. Consult with a licensed physician prior to starting any herbalContinue reading “Yarrow, a soothing herb with healing properties”

The dirt on the dirt(soil) in your raised bed garden

The soil that goes into your raised bed is just as important as the sunlight and water. With a good concoction your plants can be thriving in no time. The correct mix of nutrients, drainage, and density is especially important in a raised bed garden. Below you will find a wide variety of knowledge onContinue reading “The dirt on the dirt(soil) in your raised bed garden”

Building your raised bed

Insights, materials, building plans, and garden styles for your raised bed. Knowing how much lumber to buy is just the first part, the next is making sure you get the right boards or to realize you don’t want to use lumber at all. The information below will assist you in building your raised bed gardenContinue reading “Building your raised bed”

4 Things to Consider When Planning a Raised Bed Garden

This is the year to start planting and growing your own food. Raised bed gardening has tons of benefits including a comparatively higher yields in less space than conventional gardening (this is due to the added work put in with soil management and plant care). Since the soil gets warmer earlier, the plants can beContinue reading “4 Things to Consider When Planning a Raised Bed Garden”

Honey Bee – A busy insect with a lot to offer

Honey bees, are what I believe to be a very important insect to the plant and animal kingdoms, definitely including humans. Around 1/3 of the food Americans eat is pollinated by honey bees. Keep reading to dive into almost everything related to honey bees and amaze your friends with a compendium of knowledge at yourContinue reading “Honey Bee – A busy insect with a lot to offer”