How to get started growing your own microgreens


  1. Trays or Containers
  2. Watering Device
  3. Seeds
  4. Soil
  5. Light / Sunlight

Want to get straight to planting check out this video on how we sow our microgreen seeds here.

Trays or containers:

The one pictured here is a 10″ x 20″. Trays come in 10″ x 10″ as well. Microgreens can be grown in any container. Using a tray will assist when harvesting the fresh greens.

Find more types of trays and growing mediums here.

Watering Device:

Any old water can will do. You are going to need about 4 cups of water per tray when sowing.

Check them out on amazon here. Watering Can

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You can start by growing any type of microgreen you want. Most microgreens grow fairly easy. Recommend avoiding beets and cilantro as they can be difficult at times.

Check out True Leaf Market for any seeds you may require. It has been recommended to not order seeds from Amazon at this time.


You will want to make sure the soil doesn’t have a large amount of animal product or animal by-product. Mushrooms don’t need to be a part of your microgreen experience.

Here is my alternative on Amazon.


You will need either natural light or artificial. I have grown microgreens under $15 shop lights as well as a few different types of grow lights. Light is light it seems.



Water the bottom of your tray to allow for the soil to wick the liquid.


Get dirty and place your soil in the tray. Fill it up to about 1/2″ from the top rim.

Take care of your dirt

Mix the soil around breaking any large clumps while removing larger twigs and mulch. Gently tamp the soil down to get an even surface.

Measure out your seeds

Each type of microgreen will have a manufacturer recommended seed density. For purple radish microgreens it is 1 oz per 10×20 tray.

Sow your seed

Spread the seeds out as evenly as possible attempting to avoid large clumps.

Pictured to the left: 2 day old purple radish microgreens

A little more water

Lightly mist the layer of freshly seeded soil and gently press the seeds down with minimal force.

Hello darkness my old friend

Put them into a blackout period for 2-5 days depending on which type of microgreen is planted.

Look at the babies!

In about 2 or 3 days you should have little seedlings popping up. At this point in time they will not be green. Not to worry expose them to light and they will green in about a day.


After 7-31 days depending on the type of microgreens you planted you will be able to harvest them. The best way to tell when they are ready to harvest is to taste test them everyday until the flavor is of your liking.

Day 9 for the 3 green trays and Day 7 for the purple radish
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