The “Three Sisters” and how you can use them today

The “Three Sisters” or milpa are an agricultural system with origins dating back to Mesoamerica. Native Americans developed this method using mostly corn, beans, and squash. Through a very symbiotic relationship(companion planting) all three of these crops flourish creating a natural biodiversity that can improve soil quality. Using the more advanced farming techniques a surplusContinue reading “The “Three Sisters” and how you can use them today”

Yarrow, a soothing herb with healing properties

Yarrow is drought and pest resistant, as well as a great butterfly attraction, and is excellent for cutting and drying, a one-stop (easy to grow plant) shop. Some herbal healing properties present in Yarrow include anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and has been used to catalyze blood coagulation. Consult with a licensed physician prior to starting any herbalContinue reading “Yarrow, a soothing herb with healing properties”

The “Mother’s Day Rule”

Mother’s Day is a very special time of year to remember not only Mothers, but all others who give us the unconditional love and compassion we use to get through each and every day. They don’t always hold the title of Mom, Momma, or Mother however, they keep us moving in the right direction andContinue reading “The “Mother’s Day Rule””

4 Things to Consider When Planning a Raised Bed Garden

This is the year to start planting and growing your own food. Raised bed gardening has tons of benefits including a comparatively higher yields in less space than conventional gardening (this is due to the added work put in with soil management and plant care). Since the soil gets warmer earlier, the plants can beContinue reading “4 Things to Consider When Planning a Raised Bed Garden”

Best Gifts on True Leaf Markets Gift Guide

Featured Image by monicore from Pexels There are 96 items total on the gift guide page. A lot of which are going out of stock. The prices are amazing and the contents are something to be had for a holiday gift. Here are my top 3 that are still in stock to get your hands on. Definitely takeContinue reading “Best Gifts on True Leaf Markets Gift Guide”