Tools and Tips for Growing Plants Indoors During Winter

Being prepared for growing indoors is no small feat. There are a lot of factors that can come into play. Lighting, soil, and the container are what I consider the main things that can dampen your spirits before you even get started. I have covered below some of the things that should be considered when/beforeContinue reading “Tools and Tips for Growing Plants Indoors During Winter”

Not so good of a harvest last week, next batch is looking great

Last Weeks Harvest In short we learned a lot from last week. We had two good trays of Salad Mix and 1 good tray of Rambo Radish. The weights we harvested out of each tray are listed below. I will be listing out our harvest amounts here for all of our individually packaged microgreens. SaladContinue reading “Not so good of a harvest last week, next batch is looking great”

Using microgreens

My top 10 uses for microgreens Below I have listed some of my top recommendations for your tasty microgreens. Top an omelet with a fresh garden kick by adding purple radish microgreens. Add the Salad mix to your smoothie and blend it up for a large punch of nutrients Sprinkle some on top of avocadoContinue reading “Using microgreens”