The Bald Eagle & It’s Journey to Today

From the endangered species list in 1978 to being completely removed from the Endangered and Threatened species list in 2007. This resilient bird has been put through the ringer and deserves appreciation. When threatened with extinction from over hunting and the use of DDT the population was dwindled down to fewer than 450 mated pairsContinue reading “The Bald Eagle & It’s Journey to Today”

Wabash Trace Forage Walk – Learning Foraging Skills In Rural Iowa

Plant identification is crucial to anyone looking to forage for their own food or medicine. Knowing what to look for will make the difference between a soothing cup of tea or hospital visit. In an effort to expand my own knowledge and meet others in the community with like minded ideas, my wife and IContinue reading “Wabash Trace Forage Walk – Learning Foraging Skills In Rural Iowa”